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Friday, March 8, 2013

Community Listing: Zod

NOTE: This cat is in need from the community. This is listed as a courtesy, and the animal does not live at the Refuge. The Goathouse Refuge is not responsible for any problems with the animals or with the adoption process. Please contact the owner directly for more information.

Zod is a 10 year old Abyssinian Mix / tabby cat who needs a new home. Zod weighs ~9 lbs and is Indoor only. This cat is located in Pittsboro, NC 27312.

Zod is an awesome cat. He is very affectionate and incredibly playful, we are constantly laughing at his antics. He unfortunately ended up in the shelter when his owner's life changed. Marleys Cat Tales stepped up to save him. Zod is living with 4 other cats and 9 dogs and is doing fantastic. He takes everything in stride and nothing seems to phase him. Zod is incredibly affectionate and loving and quite the character. If you are ready to laugh, a lot, then Zod is the kitty for you! We would love for Zod to have a home of his own. If interested, please email us at

Zod is good with Cats: Yes, Dogs: Yes, Kids: Unknown

Contact Jeremi C. at, 919-618-8878.

Are you the owner: I rescued him from Wake County Shelter a year ago
Reason for surrender: We own 5 dogs and 5 cats. Zod gets along great with our dogs and 4 of the cats but for some reason hates our 14 yr old cat, Debo. He randomly attacks her to the point that our dogs jump in. Debo has now been attacked by our dogs 3 times. I have had Debo since she was 8 weeks old and she has never had problems with other dogs or cats. We have tried pheromone plug ins and locking Zod up (he tries to tear down doors if put up). So now Debo has to live in the bathroom alone for her own protection. Zod is a foster cat. We never took him for ourselves. He has been on petfinder the entire time with no interest. I am assuming it is because of his age. He is incredibly friendly to humans and the rest of the crew but is quirky. He is obsessed with the sink in the kitchen. When we first got Zod we had more foster dogs. We have since taken a break from rescue (after 10 years) so that I could focus on grad school and give my current animals a break. We have an 18 yr old cat too. I am willing to pay for upkeep of Zod or "trade" for a feral barn cat, if you have one.
How did you acquire: I rescued him from Wake County Shelter a year ago. he belonged to a friend of a friend that dumped him.
How long owned: 1 yr
Fixed? Yes
UTD on rabies? Yes
Declawed? No
Medical conditions? He had really bad teeth so had his upper canines removed.
Illness: All I know of is the dental disease.

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