The Goathouse Refuge is a 501(c)3 non-profit no-kill animal sanctuary dedicated to providing care and finding homes for hundreds of homeless cats. We are located in Pittsboro, NC, and are open daily from 12 - 3:30.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Tails: Jenny

It's so wonderful to see Miss Jenny relaxing on a sofa with a family of her own!

Here's a note from her new mom:

Jenny is doing great! She is such a sweet kitty and seems very happy here. Every time I come in the door she rolls on her back so I can pet her tummy! I think that's a good sign. :-)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cat of the Week: Leatrice

Leatrice is an extraordinarily sweet and pretty young lady. She has a unique color combination in her tabby fur--black, brown, white, and orange--and an equally distinctive affectionate nature. Leatrice loves people and other kitties--she was even observed at an adoption event comforting another cat by putting her paws around the cat and hugging her! When you visit the Goathouse, Leatrice is almost always one of the first kitties you meet; she loves to hang out on the table by the front door and greet everyone.

Leatrice came to the Goathouse when her owner was evicted from his home, and she's been waiting for over two years now for her second chance at a forever home. She's the perfect house cat and loving companion. Please consider opening your heart to this wonderful girl.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cats of the Week: Linda and Alice

These two sisters came to the Goathouse last fall when they were babies and honestly, we can't believe they haven't been adopted yet. They are teenagers now, still playful and fun, and ready to bring lots of joy to their forever home.

A real beauty queen, Alice is loving, cuddly, and soft! Her tail is extraordinarily fluffy, her white mittens are spotless, and her cali-tabby coat is quite unique. Linda is a cutie pie calico princess, full of personality; she's mostly white with a jaunty cap and colorful tail. She loves to cuddle against your neck, perch on your shoulder like a parrot, or play chase with her toys. These girls are not only sisters, they are best friends and playmates who would love to be adopted together. Please come meet them soon! DOB August 2010

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Friday, June 17, 2011

A Sneak Peek!

Check out some of the amazing auction items you can bid on at this weekend's Caffe Italiano! Exciting vacations, a garden consultation, signed pottery, and more!

Reserve your tickets today by calling (919) 542-6815 -- you're helping to support our cats and kittens by participating in this great event. A win-win!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two Kittens are Easier than One

We like our kittens to go in pairs.
Congratulations on your decision to adopt a kitty cat! Choosing the right companion is a big step, but is lots of fun and the results are very rewarding. We have found that kitten adoptions have a much higher success rate when they are adopted as pairs or into a home that already has another young kitty. If you have decided to adopt a kitten, consider getting two. This can actually be less work for you, because the kittens will expend much of their youthful energy and aggression on each other. The companionship will make for more well-adjusted pets.

Two kittens are easier to care for. Here are 10 reasons to adopt a pair.
  1. - Fewer behavior problems with two kittens. Cats that have a playmate tend to be more socially well-adjusted and avoid behavior problems like shyness, biting, hissing, being frightened and hiding in the company of people they don't know.
  2. - One kitten can become lonely. If you work long hours or travel for a weekend, two cats keep each other company and are more tranquil during your absence.
  3. - Peace of mind for you. You can rest easy at work or on vacation knowing your cats have each other’s company.
  4. - Two kittens will self-train. Kittens learn by copying. If one kitten is quick to learn appropriate litter box use, the other will be likely to copy. They also help each other with grooming; wash-up after meals soon becomes a ritual with 2 kittens.
  5. - They help each other burn off energy. A pair of kittens will entertain each other in the wee hours of the night, allowing you a full night’s rest. No one can play with a kitten like another kitten can!
  6. - Two cats stay healthy together. As they get older, cats are less likely to gain weight due to lack of movement when they have a companion to play with. They will remain more playful and youthful in later years with a companion.
  7. - The workload to care for two cats remains relatively the same.
  8. - Having two kittens provides endless hours of fun.
  9. - They will each have a friend for life.
  10. - You are saving two lives instead of one.
What if I have an older cat?
Of course it depends on the established cat's personality, but in our experience, we find that many adult cats' patience can run thin when a kitten wants to play! Though it might sound contrary, an older, established cat will probably accept two kittens better than one. One kitten will seek out the older cat as a playmate, or worse, tease and pester the senior cat which can cause stress to an older cat. The kitten in return, will be "rewarded" for his playful efforts with hisses and swats. Two kittens will expend their energy in play with each other, leaving their older "uncle" to relax in peace.

What if I can only afford one cat?
Vet bills are probably the main difference in expenses between having 1 cat versus 2. If you can only afford one cat, we have many young adult cats that would do fine in a single-cat home. We also have cats that would be happier in a home where they don't have to share! Ask our staff and volunteers to introduce you to them when you visit.

OK, I’m ready to adopt! Now what?

The next step is to fill out the adoption application on our website. All applications will be reviewed by the refuge staff. The refuge will contact the interested party to set up a home visit. Only after a member of the refuge has visited the applicant's home will they consider continuing with the adoption process. Once a home is considered safe for our cats, the applicant pays an adoption fee of $100 per cat. This fee covers the spaying/ neutering, testing and all vaccinations that ensure the cat lives a healthy and happy life with their new owner.

Cat of the Week: Sabrina

What a nice girl this is. And cute! Sabrina has an absolutely adorable round face with chubby cheeks and bright round eyes. Seriously, kitty cats don't come much cuter than this one. Sabrina is about two-years-old and has been at the Refuge for over a year now. She's hoping that someone will pick her out of the black cat crowd, fall in love with her, and take her home. Maybe you can make this sweet cat's dream come true!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Tails: George!

We love Happy Tails!

Fun-loving George was adopted last month. He went to a wonderful home with a four-year-old orange tabby named Trueman and an eight-year-old cat-loving German Shepherd named Vilkas.

We just got this report from George's new mom. Sounds like George is a very happy boy!

"George is doing great and is fully integrated in the family! He and Trueman are best friends. They run and romp through the house in the morning, then they have to have naps. They chase each other in the early afternoon, then we have to have naps again. They are so much fun, and George is happy. He is into everything, but we only have had one casualty, a picture frame broke. No big deal, I can glue it together. We are glad he is with us. We love him, and he is a perfect match for Trueman and our life!"

Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Tails: Hercules

A wonderful report from Hercules' new mom:

We adopted "Hercules" a couple of months back. Hercules is called "Hambone" now, and he's clearly well received by our 15-year-old cat, Sinister.

There hasn't even been an hour that goes by where Hambone doesn't make us laugh, and he's been an amazing addition to our family. Sinister, who lost his brother of 14 years this past February, no longer cries at night and has a new joyful bounce in his step as Hambone tires him out with playing and chasing games.

I can't thank you and all the Goathouse volunteers enough for making this possible. We've spread the word far and wide of how impressed we are with Hambone and the Goathouse Refuge.

We intend on coming to visit soon and returning the crate you loaned us.

Please share this with Hambone's previous caregivers. We love him so much!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

May 2011 Adoptions

Congratulations to these kitties and their new families!

Chris Jr.

Gracie (her foster home became a forever home)

Erin (this girl went into a foster home)

Young George says, "Adopt a Goathouse Cat!"

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cat of the Week: Rosa

June 2 Update: We have received $500 for the Rosa Fund so far. Thank you all SO much!

Can you help our beautiful Rosa? Rosa requires a procedure to remove an obstruction from her respiratory tract. Her diagnosis is uncertain, but she is unable to breathe freely due to this condition. The NC Veterinary School Hospital can help, but it is a delicate and complicated procedure.

We need to raise $1,700 for the first stage of her treatment that will determine her prognosis. We are asking our Goathouse friends to help save Rosa's life. You can donate on the Goathouse website using Paypal (please write a note saying that your donation is for Rosa). You can also contact the refuge office and make arrangements to donate via check.

Rosa is a gentle and lovely young girl, and we hope to see her healthy and happy soon. Any assistance you can give will be deeply appreciated. Thank you!

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