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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Community Listing: Nutella

NOTE: This cat is in need from the community. This is listed as a courtesy, and the animal does not live at the Refuge. The Goathouse Refuge is not responsible for any problems with the animals or with the adoption process. Please contact the owner directly for more information.

Nutella is a 2.5 year old Persian Exotic Long Hair/Black-Grey Yellow/orange eyes cat who needs a new home. Nutella weighs 6 lbs. and is Indoor only. This cat is located in Richmond, VA 23225.

Nutella is a halloween cat! She was very badly wanted but her behavior is making it very challenging for us to keep her. She is sweet, quiet and loves to cuddle but on her own terms. She does not like to be held for extended periods of times. He favorite past-time is lounging on her perch in front of the window. She enjoys going out in the balcony to get fresh air and look at the squirrels on the trees nearby. She is currently with a lion-cut and currently wears nail caps.
Nutella is good with Cats: Yes, Dogs: Yes, Kids: Unknown

Contact Giorgia A. at, Cell 2252842780, Home 804-231-3849.

Are you the owner: Yes
Reason for surrender: Nutella has been displaying behavioral problems by peeing outside the box. She was treated for UTI and is currently on prescription food (Royal Canin Urinary SO) to facilitate crystal dissolution in her urine. She is litterbox trained and uses the box, however she engages in urination outside the box. Her personality is very sweet and she loves to cuddle. Currently lives with a dog and another cat.
How did you acquire: Purchased from breeder
How long owned: 2 years
Fixed? Yes
UTD on rabies? Yes
Declawed? No
Medical conditions? She is on prescription food to dissolve ptential crystals in her bladder and facilitate use of the box.
Illness: UTI, treated

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Anonymous said...

She might start using the litter box again if you take the nail caps off.