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Monday, October 31, 2011

Kittens of the Week

Meet Ashe, Logan, Rusty, Joey, and Chiclet!

These five adorable male kittens are living in a foster home but are available for adoption through the Goathouse Refuge. If you would like to meet any/all of these babies, please call or email the Goathouse office, and their foster mom will arrange a time to bring them to the Goathouse. DOB June 2011.

Ashe and Logan
These tuxedo brothers "sing" for their supper. Where the other kitties meow when they want something, Logan and Ashe have a very extended meow that sounds a bit like an aria. They are nearly mirror images of each other and do everything together, including sleep, and they must be adopted together.

The short-haired orange tabby is named Rusty. He's a sweetheart.

Joey is a fluffy angora orange tabby who is very sweet and playful, and the most laid back of the bunch.

The mostly white and orange tabby is named Chiclet. He is the comical one.

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