The Goathouse Refuge is a 501(c)3 non-profit no-kill animal sanctuary dedicated to providing care and finding homes for hundreds of homeless cats. We are located in Pittsboro, NC, and are open daily from 12 - 3:30.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sponsor a Coffee Cat

Meet some of our Special Needs kitties. Oscar had to have an eye and leg removed. Patches requires a daily bath. Princess uses special kitty litter because of skin allergies. Toast & Mittens needed extensive dental care. Due to advanced age, health, physical or temperament issues, the chance of adoption for these cats is considerably lower than our other cats and many of them will likely be lifelong residents at the Goathouse Refuge. For a tax-deductible donation in your name or that of a loved one, you can sponsor one of our special needs or feral cats.

A contribution of $30 per month, about the same amount that many people spend on their daily coffee habit, will provide food, veterinary care and litter for your new friend, and greatly help the refuge to continue to operate.

Do you know someone who wants to help the cats, but...
  • is allergic?
  • travels too much?
  • lives near a busy road?
  • or already has a house full?

A donation to a special needs cat in their name would make a lovely gift. Donate securely via PayPal, and email with the name of your cat and for additional details.

Meet a few of our cats needing sponsorship:
Patches | Oscar | Endora | Princess | Spazzacamino | Toast & Mittens

View other donation and gift options.

Thank you for supporting the Goathouse Refuge!

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