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Friday, December 17, 2010

Dr. Lucy's Healing Touch

Heather relaxes.jpg

Lucy (formerly known as Heather when she was at the Goathouse Refuge) was adopted by Eugene and Mary of Chapel Hill on November 9, 2009. That day is when the love affair between Lucy and Gene began. Each was thoroughly entranced by the other. Lucy would watch Gene get dressed every morning, and once he was comfortably located in his favorite armchair, she would proceed to give him his hairdo for the day. Gene remembered time by "before we got Lucy" and "after we got Lucy."

On December 11, 2010, Gene had a massive heart attack and was taken by ambulance to North Carolina Memorial Hospital where he currently resides in the Intensive Care Unit. After sedating him heavily for the first 48 hours, the medical staff is currently working to revive his responses. While he responds mildly to the names of family members, it has been noted that he responds most actively when the name "LUCY" is mentioned.

It is our hope that Lucy will be able to visit Gene in the hospital when he is transferred to a private room. In the meantime, Lucy's veterinarian has suggested that the family bring one of Lucy's toys or blankets for him to hold....better yet, a piece of her fur.

Medical science has made amazing discoveries, but it is when Gene holds Lucy in his lap that his ailing heart is provided with what it most needs. Nothing is as important as what is HEARTFELT.



Tom said...

I remember Heather, now Lucy, and what a sweet and beautiful cat she was. It's true that our kitties can bring out the strongest and most tender emotions in us. When my husband was in the hospital, I brought him a picture of our cat Levi to keep by his bed. I hope that the thought of Lucy speeds Gene's recovery.

Chrissykat said...

Wishing healing to Gene at this time and peace to his family. I hope it works out that Lucy is able to doubt she will be the best medicine.