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Monday, February 18, 2013

Community Listing: Lucy

NOTE: This cat is in need from the community. This is listed as a courtesy, and the animal does not live at the Refuge. The Goathouse Refuge is not responsible for any problems with the animals or with the adoption process. Please contact the owner directly for more information.

Lucy is a 9 year old British Tortoiseshell cat who needs a new home. Lucy weighs ~14 lbs and is Indoor only. This cat is located in Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

Please help this British Tortoiseshell find a happy home. She has been very shy from the start and has overcome many difficulties since being rescued from an abusive, chaotic home eight years ago. This nine-year old cat is loving and chatty, likes to chase the laser mousie and enjoys catnip. When our home is quiet, she ventures forth to request petting and likes to talk back when you talk to her. Unfortunately, her personality does not mesh well with another cat of ours (another rescue) and we have come to see that she would ultimately be very happy in a single cat home. She would be a grateful, wonderful "starter cat" for a first time cat owner. After the hard upbringing she's had, and the current state of unhappiness she is in, we would love to see her end her days in relative contentment, rather than misery. Please consider her. We would be happy to take her to the vet and make certain she is in perfect health and fully up-to-date on any shots prior to giving her to your loving home. We want what's best for her, and we realize that that cannot happen with us. Maybe it can happen with you?
Lucy is good with Cats: No, Dogs: Unknown, Kids: Unknown

Contact Erin C. at Home 9199297256,, Cell 9194505910, .

Are you the owner: My husband Steve is.
Reason for surrender: She has become very reclusive and miserable due to conflict with the personality of another one of our cats (another rescue). We realize she would be happier in a single cat home, most likely.
How did you acquire: My husband rescued Lucy from the home of an active alcoholic.
How long owned: ~8 years.
Fixed? Yes
UTD on rabies? Yes
Declawed? No
Medical conditions? None that we are aware of.
Illness: No.

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