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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Community Listing: Boudicca

NOTE: This cat is in need from the community. This is listed as a courtesy, and the animal does not live at the Refuge. The Goathouse Refuge is not responsible for any problems with the animals or with the adoption process. Please contact the owner directly for more information.

Boudicca is a 7 year old American Shorthair cat who needs a new home. Boudicca is Indoor only. This cat is located in Reidsville NC 27320. Her guardians are willing to transport her to her new home.

Boudicca is a GREAT companion kitty. She's a talker, she loves to play with teasers, she loves being in your lap while you are on the PC or watching TV or reading. She follows you about the house - she's a GREAT cat, friendly, funny, very lovely, we think. Her IDEAL HOME would be where she would be an only kitty so she could "rule the roost" and not feel threatened or intimidated by other felines.

MORE PHOTOS ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST! Whoever adopts this kitty will REALLY never regret it!

Boudicca is good with Cats: No, Dogs: Unknown, Kids: Unknown

Contact Laura & Gary C. at, Cell 336 264 6634, Home 336 349 1991.

Are you the owner: Yes
Reason for surrender: We have tried to integrate Boudicca into our house with our other four cats but she has a "vendetta" against one of them in particular (this cat has only one eye and we think that might be setting her off). We've tried everything, from behavior modification tips that people have given us to ... well, everything. She just has it in for my one-eyed black kitty and we feel that Boudicca would be MOST happy being in a home where she can be an "only kitty". She gets along with some of our other cats well but there are small issues with them too, which leads us to believe that, really, she'd be happiest where she could be Queen Bee and get all the attention! She's a talker, she'll follow you around the house, loves to be in your lap - she's a GREAT companion & we really DO want to see her get the right home!
How did you acquire: She wandered into our yard
How long owned: About 3 years
Fixed? Yes
UTD on rabies? Yes
Declawed? No
Medical conditions? She gets L-Lysine in her wet food for stress.
Illness: No


Selina said...

I'm am Boudicca's "guardian". She weighs 12 lbs and is about 7 years old, not 4. My bad/mistake sorry! :)

Laura Carter

Selina said...

We are located in Reidsville NC and are perfectly willing to do transport with Boudicca or meet someone halfway that wanted to adopt her, also. Forgot to include that info!

Laura C.