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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Community Listing: Rocky (declawed)

NOTE: This cat is in need from the community. This is listed as a courtesy, and the animal does not live at the Refuge. The Goathouse Refuge is not responsible for any problems with the animals or with the adoption process. Please contact the owner directly for more information.

Rocky is a 2.5 year old Grey Domestic Shorthair cat who needs a new home. Rocky weighs 14 lbs and is Indoor only. This cat is located in Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

Rocky would do best in an environment where he could go outside into a fenced yard, but mostly stay indoors. He loves to lay in the sunshine, and look out the window. He's a quiet kitty, and he is a good companion. I wouldn't call him sweet, and he doesn't like to be held, but he is very nice. He plays with string, loves feet under the covers, likes to be around people and certainly loves his food and snacks. He is very good with other animals, and he rubs up against our two dogs (50 lbs each). He wrestles with our other cat, and the other cat does not appreciate it.
Rocky is good with Cats: Yes, Dogs: Yes, Kids: Yes

Contact Keith K. at, Cell 919-448-7121, Home 919-967-3799.

Are you the owner: Yes
Reason for surrender: Rocky is very inconsistent in his use of his litter box. He uses it some, but then will stop for a period, then go back to using it. We have taken to letting him outside for a bit during the day, but that hasn't stopped the issue.
How did you acquire: Rescued him from Orange County Animal Shelter
How long owned: 11 months
Fixed? Yes
UTD on rabies? Yes
Declawed? Yes
Medical conditions? None
Illness: None, we had him checked for crystals in his urine, but came back at a very low level. Currently on prescription cat food to help clear the issue, but it is not a permanent issue.

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