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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cats of the Week: Lionel and Cracker Jack

Update: These boys have been adopted together!

Lionel and Cracker Jack have formed an unlikely but beautiful friendship. They aren’t relatives and even though both of them were rescued from the same kill shelter, they didn’t meet until they came to the Goathouse and were next-door cage neighbors.

Lionel is a darling little Siamese-mix kitten, very playful and friendly, and Cracker Jack is a happy-go-lucky orange/white adult male who makes happy paws when you merely look at him.

Lionel kept pawing at Cracker Jack’s cage, trying to play, so we moved them in together. Cracker Jack took little Lionel under his wing just like a mama cat would, grooming, cuddling, and romping with the little guy. They are best friends, and we simply can’t split them up now. We hope they will be adopted together soon! Lionel DOB June 2011; Cracker Jack Approx. DOB 2008-2009.

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Anonymous said...

The goathouse refuge is the best place I Have ever seen. I was visiting from NY and had the honor of visiting the goathouse and was absolutely moved beyond words how these cats are so loved and taken care of. I loved all of the cats and if I could I would adopt them all.