The Goathouse Refuge is a 501(c)3 non-profit no-kill animal sanctuary dedicated to providing care and finding homes for hundreds of homeless cats. We are located in Pittsboro, NC, and are open daily from 12 - 3:30.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cat of the Week: Bevva

Bevva is a tiny calico girl with a face like a yin-yang: half sunshine, half midnight sky. She came to the Refuge last year along with her sister, Mel. Both girls were very shy, but Bevva has made tremendous progress since she arrived. She spent some time in foster care which helped her become more confident and out-going, and she's now a friendly and affectionate cat who enjoys sitting in laps. Bevva loves to be petted and will even give you soft little love nips to remind you to keep petting. She is so ready to go to a home of her very own. Please come meet this beautiful girl soon.

View more photos of lovely Bevva.


Korner Kids 'n Company said...

What a beautful little girl you've become, Bevva. You were so unselfish to stay by your injured sister's side and helped her get well after eye surgery. I know there's a special home for you. I'm so thankful for your safe home there and for all the love and care that Siglinda and her staff have blessed you with. You have a special place in my heart, always.

Anne said...

Hi Judy, you rescued Bevva and Mel, didn't you? And many other Goathouse kitties? Hope you are doing well and thanks for your comment. I showed it to Siglinda and she sends you her best wishes!

I hope that Bevva will find a home soon!

Korner Kids 'n Company said...

Hi Anne, yes, Bevva was one of my Duplin Co. cats. Siglinda was so perceptive to tell me to bring Bevva to help Mel get better after her eye surgery. I'm so thankful for all of you there...and I know there will be great reward for all of you for the love and devotion you give to all the precious animals at Goathouse.