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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cat of the Week: Luka Moon

Update: Luka Moon was adopted February 2011. Yay!

Luka Moon is a beautiful black teenage cat with a patch of white on her chest. Part of our large “Kitten Class of 2009,” she came to the Refuge when she was a tiny kitten, along with her mother, Serafina, and her brother, Storm. Luka Moon grew up in our Kitten Room and outdoor Kitten Cabana, and gets along very well with people and with other cats.

Luka Moon LOVES people and being held; she’s a classic affectionate lapcat. She’s been known to take a flying leap from a shelf into a volunteer’s arms when she feels the need for a hug! Approx. date of birth: May 2009

She would love to be adopted with her brother, Storm, another friendly and glossy black cat. Storm also has a spot of white on his chest but we can tell them apart because he's the one with the white whiskers (Luka Moon's are black). It's not easy being a black cat - they are often overlooked by people interested in adopting. Please consider adding a black cat from the Goathouse to your family.

Brother and sister napping together in the Studio building~

View more photos of Luka Moon and Storm.


Maya said...

what a beautiful cat Luka Moon is. I love the cuddly lapcats, they make the best companion kitties. i hope someone will give her a good and loving home.

Anne said...

Thank you Maya!