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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Tails: Peter and Lizzy

We got some great photos of Lizzy and Peter in their new home, two kittens from our "Orange Crush" litter of 5. Mariska writes:

They're so cute together - they play together a lot, and Peter is a true big brother taking care of his sister like that! I still feel like I just get to know them - they have new surprises and new ways of causing trouble every day :-). Peter loves drinking water out of the faucet, and basically ends up sitting under it, as if he's taking a shower (he doesn't mind getting wet, apparently!)... And when I'm home, Lizzy sleeps in my lap the whole day, waking up only to make biscuits and suck on her fleece blanky. She also LOVES carrots - I had some baby carrots with lunch one day, and she stuck her head into the bag as if it was cat nip. I gave her a tiny piece, and she just kept coming back for more. When we did laundry Peter loved sleeping in the clean laundry that came just out of the dryer, while Lizzy had found a princess-spot on top a folded up comforter. We've also been playing with a ping pong ball, and Lizzy goes after it like crazy, while Peter prefers lying down and watching Lizzy :-) They seem to play 'hard' and then fall asleep within minutes, to be passed out for several hours. They love playing with a little mouse on a string - they take turns catching it - and sleeping in their cat-tree. Peter is purring constantly (even when he eats, which is just the funniest sound ever). At night Peter usually sleeps at my feet (after trying to catch Jeff's :-)), while Lizzy curls up in my arms- she's a real baby, and loves to make biscuits and suck on blankets...We couldn't be happier with them!"

Congrats, kittens!

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