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Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Tails: Raggedy Ann and Teddy Ruxpin

We love Happy Tails! A nice report from the family who adopted this brother/sister duo:

You were absolutely right about Teddy and Raggedy Ann - they're so cuddly, loving, and playful, and I couldn't have picked a better pair! Tomorrow will mark the two week anniversary of our little family, and I'm thrilled about how the cats have settled in here.
 Raggedy Ann has become very talkative and playful; she's extremely curious, and loves people watching and nibbling on unsuspecting toes. When they first came, Teddy was very timid, and it was so sweet to see how his sister took care of him. He's become a lot more open and confident, and he's eating extremely well now (he was very thin when he first came). He enjoys cuddling with stuffed animals, and when he's not too sleepy, he likes to play with his kitty toys.

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Anonymous said...

They are both so cute!