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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Tails: Girasole

We love Happy Tails! Photos and an update from Girasole's new mom:


Girasole has evolved from a shy, unsure little boy to a rather confident cat testing the boundaries in his new home with his new friend, Meat Loaf.

He is very curious, follows me everywhere and has been sleeping on the bed with us from the first night. He still has quite a bit of kitten in him, as evidenced by his late-night playtime with his new toys and circle scratchers. A bit of catnip after dinner means a late night for everyone!

Girasole is still learning how far he can go with Meat Loaf, who is 17 and was needing companionship after the loss of her brother. She is taking to him -- slowly. And one day soon I know she will play when Girasole wants, but for now, she allows him to sleep in the bed and on the sofa with her -- as long as she gets to lay on the top in her spot.

Girasole seems to be settling into a contented life here and is relaxed -- no one bothers him and he gets fresh air everyday on our little deck. He is excited when I return from work, eats very well and sometimes enjoys a treat.

Lastly, thanks to everyone at the Goathouse, and especially you Siglinda, for giving us the opportunity to adopt Girasole and give him a second chance. He has been such a blessing in our lives. THANK YOU to everyone who cared for Girasole and made sure he was safe.


Chrissykat said...

I love happy tails too!

Katherine said...

He looks like a little angel floating on a cloud in the last pic!