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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Polly!

Thank you to Karen for sending us an update about this sweet kitty:

Polly (formerly known as Baby or BabyBird) has been living with us for about a year now, and I thought you might like to see some updated pictures of her. She is still very talkative and will trill and mew at you when you talk to her. Sometimes I hear her talking to herself. She enjoys following us around and watching the wildlife from the window, and will sleep on the bed between our feet at night. She is the only cat I have ever known, however, who does not respond at all to a laser pointer. She just looks at me as if to ask why I am doing such an odd thing.

The first picture is a little dark, but it shows her nestling with me, which she loves to do. She's also kneading her feet, I think, which is another thing she does when she's very happy.

The second one is her perching on the back of our sofa. She likes to look outside from there and stalk wildlife, and, of course, she enjoys the soft blankets!

In the last one she is showing off her belly. She likes to do this to get our attention. Sometimes she'll groom like that, in which case she rolls from one side to the other, depending where she's grooming.

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