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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Tails: Athena

We love Happy Tails!

Here's a note we received from the lady who adopted the lovely Athena:

Hello Siglinda and everyone who knew Athena at Goathouse Refuge,

Athena is GREAT! I wanted to let you know that Athena has become a full member of our household with Sampson accepting her and all going well. She has the run of the place both inside and out. I let her out during the day when I can be around and otherwise, they both stay inside.

Sampson has not been hissing at her for several weeks and they frequently touch noses, which I take as a good sign. I've seen them in a game of chase several times as well, usually with Athena being the temptress and Sampson chasing her, but then turning tail and running while Athena chases him back. I notice that when I go away for a few days, Sampson is not as frantic about being with me when I return as he was when he was here alone and that's the big thing I was after for him.

She's a great cat, very loving, catching lizards and voles by the dozens it seems. She's a wonderful addition to both mine and Sampson's lives. Thank you for helping me bring her into our lives.

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