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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Tails: Cindy & Apollo

Anna Kate and Jonathan sent us an update on the 2 kittens they adopted last year from the Refuge:

Mimi (formerly Cindy) has really settled in here. She can often be found lying in the sun with all 4 paws straight up in the air, just enjoying herself. She is still very calm, but now LOVES to snuggle and makes it her mission that no lap in our house will ever be empty. She sometimes has to claim her lap space quickly with Gus, but luckily there are two laps to go around. My only mission with her now is to slim her down a bit. She was stealing Gus' food, and is not nearly as active, but we are working on that. Thankfully she loves to chase the laser pointer so she is getting nightly workouts :0).
Gus (formerly Apollo) is still extraordinary. His energy is boundless, only to be matched by his desire to be with you at all times. I've started training him in order to channel some of his energy...he can now come to you, jump up/jump down, sit, and sit up on his back legs. Not bad for 3 weeks of training. We are now working on twirling. Pretty soon, he'll be ready for the circus (ha). We have to make sure he has plenty of exercise so that we can all sleep at night. Once he settles down for the night, he sleeps right next to me.

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