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Saturday, January 22, 2011

2010: In Memory of....

Rest in peace to these furry friends we lost last year.

Rambunctious and lovable kitten, Cloud~

The one and only Henry Houdini

To know Lucy was to love Lucy~

This sweet and meowy fellow died along with five other cats, shortly after they were rescued from Gaston Animal Control~

Beautiful Pamela~

Handsome Paul~

Sweet young Christopher 1~

Everyone's favorite feral friend, Scotty~

Sweetie, the most loving cat in the world~

Fluffy and beautiful Christopher 2~


Katherine said...

Awww! So sad, but a lovely memorial post!

Anne said...

Thanks. It's still so strange not to see Sweetie on the futon with Regan, and I really miss getting hissed at by Scottie. :) And Pamela used to walk the fence with me; I miss her too.